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QSM3 Care for you

What Is QSM3?

QSM³ (Quantum Spinal Mechanics 3) is at present the most progressive upper cervical chiropractic procedure. It was founded on the principles of traditional upper cervical procedures but with the vision to advance the corrective technical approach into the 21st Century. It is science-based, precise, and dedicated to the continued advancement of the works of Palmer, Grostic, and Gregory.

Its model to correct the degenerative effects of spinal misalignment is the future of our profession and the foundation of health.

The doctors of QSM³ look beyond the traditional model of Chiropractic by an advanced analysis of the whole human frame from pelvis to skull. This comprehensive approach brings more specificity in an attempt to reduce the number of needed office visits, spinal corrections and to optimize results. QSM³ incorporates the traditional Atlas Subluxation Complex (ASC) as its cornerstone but searches further. This full posture technique restores the body to its highest mechanical potential.


What is the Spinal Correction like?NUCCA Spinal Correction

The adjustment is performed with a gentle touch. This is done by hand without wrenching or twisting the spine.  The effect of the correction influences the entire spine and every system in the body. In fact, many conditions that occur throughout the body are caused by slight misalignments found in your posture.  Our work is to find and fix the pressure in your posture, around your spine and on your nerves.  These holistic effects happen everyday in our office and are shown when body balance is restored, symptoms resolve, and health returns naturally.


The QSM³ method, the 3D model

With every misalignment, there has been a structural injury knocking the body out of balance or “alignment” and a response to that trauma. The wisdom inside of us is busy working to maintain our upright position in order to minimize our three dimensional collapse under gravitational stress, and our diminishing energetic value over time. Postural misalignments occur three-dimensionally, and have both structural and neurological consequences. We see normal body responses to some of these misalignments, and sometimes see dysfunctional responses as a result of multiple or excessive traumas. Many times we see the main cause & the effect evidenced in the postural relationship. BJ Palmer, the “Developer” of modern Chiropractic began this discussion by coining the term “primary” injury or misalignment.

Postural trauma and ensuing misalignments are complex, and they present in an infinite number of patterns. These patterns can change visit by visit as the release process progresses. On each visit, the postural listing and its relationships may be at different levels of structural, neurological, and compressive distress. I have begun to quantify these levels during each visit, since each level has a different dysfunction, which requires a different release goal. That is what’s involved in the process of corrective care. This has helped improve my decision-making process by basing it on the present level of dysfunction and degeneration: Level 1: Decompression to Level 2: Unbalanced to Level 3: Balanced to Level 4: Tensegral to Level 5: Sagittal Stability are the progressive levels leading to structural sustainability. All postural listings are at one of these levels, and no one structure is more important for stability than the other. PrimarySpinal Trauma dysfunctions can differ visit by visit, and each level has a specific purpose with a specific outcome. The goal of “fixing” that one section or bone, and making it “good to go,” is not a corrective process. Our process focuses on measuring the postural listing and understanding its inter-relationships to determine the level of dysfunction and degeneration during each visit.

How long will I need Care?

After the initial release of the pressure and a spinal correction is made, your are monitored for a balanced posture position.  Then the acute symptoms will begin to alleviate. The body will then enter into a recovery cycle where it begins to stabilize into a new balanced position. Once the body is stabilized and begins holding its alignment, it takes about one month to recover for every year the spine has been misaligned, providing that the correction is maintained. After this recovery period has been achieved nearly all patients have discovered the value of maintaining their spinal correction and choose to stay in alignment the rest of their life.  We offer a 20% discount for a monthly “wellness check-up” once you are ready.

Why Choose QSM3 Care?

  • Full spine structural corrections can be achieved in contrast to the limited effects of general manipulation.533241_533091646764721_902663632_n
  • Long-term improvements in health, comfort and well-being can be experienced, instead of only short-term relief.
  • Adjustments can be fine tuned with precision to satisfy the individual needs of the patient.
  • Fewer visits are required to achieve health goals.
  • Unsurpassed gentleness and safety characterize this procedure.
  • It has a scientific clinical track record.

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