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Farmington Residents Love Davis County Spinal Care

Patient Sucess Stories

bryce_crowley photo w titleHow wonderful it is to hear our patients frequently say that they are living life again. They can enjoy their work, school, family, friends and hobbies again. “I can lift my baby again… I can get down and play with my grandkids again. I don’t need my pain or anti-depressant medications anymore! I have my life back! Thank you from the bottom my heart for helping me to find the cause of the problem and get better!”

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Davis County Spinal Care patient testimonials below and please Call us or Click here to email the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health
Dr. Bryce Crowley

Severe Injuries in an Auto Accident

Numbness and shooting pain in my hands for six years, constant headaches and also lower back pain. Now I have the feeling back in my hands, my headaches have gone away and my low back and hips are doing much better. Thank you for giving me back what so many other doctors could not give me. “I have never felt so good!”

Bonnie B. - Draper

Trigeminal Neuralgia

“For the last two years I have suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia (pins and needles feeling in my face), headaches, dizziness and foggy thinking. Dr. Crowley was so gentle that after the first visit I wasn’t sure NUCCA would work. After a few visits the bouts of pain lessened. I haven’t had any pins and needles feelings, headaches or dizziness. I have hope that I’ll never have that terrible pain again! Thank you Dr. Crowley, you are the greatest!”

Carolyn B. - Bountiful


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia nine years ago and was almost completely bedridden for two years. I could not work; I could not play with my grandkids! I had seen so many doctors who couldn’t help and I didn’t think NUCCA chiropractic could either. Amazingly almost immediately I could sleep through the night. I had much more energy and could think more clearly.I now work full time again and have plenty of energy to keep up with the grandkids!

Marilyn S. - North Salt Lake

13 months of seizures, side effects of medications and failing grades in school! Now medication free and a GPA rise from 1.9 to a 3.2!

Katherine E. - Bountiful

Sleep apnea, chronic ear infections and severe snoring in a 3 year old. Gone until another adjustment is needed!

McKenzie C. - North Salt Lake

4 ½ year old with almost 200 seizures a day and eyes crossed. Now, eyes un-crossed, more good days than ever and maybe 1 or 2 seizures a day.

Ally S. - Brigham City

5 TIA’s in 2004. Severe Depression and suicidal. I want to live again… you’ve saved my life!!

H.J. - Kaysville

I canceled my low back surgery! I can play basketball again!

Nick C. - Bountiful

Twenty debilitating Migraine headaches every month! I was beside myself. They’ve been gone for a year now!!

Susie F. - Bountiful

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