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Headaches in Children? That is Impossible!

I had the wonderful opportunity on Thursday to help a barely 5 year old with splitting head aches.

He was referred to me by another chiropractor for what has been the crown of his skull shooting, sharp pains over the past year. One minute playing happily, next minute in tears on the floor holding his head. Mom says no known injuries, ever. Extensive tests came back negative for any issues inside the head.

His posture told the story: 

His head leaned almost 1/4″ towards the right shoulder, his left shoulder was 1/2″ lower than the right one, yet his right shoulder and hip twisted forward dramatically as he stood one pound heavier on his right foot. He could not turn his neck to the right without his left leg pulling upwards by 1/2″. He had a very tender knot behind his right ear about the size of a grape (very sore first nerve root and muscles attaching to his skull).

In less than ten minutes he stood without any head tilt, level shoulders and could rotate his neck side to side without any leg length reactions. Also the knot of spasm behind his R ear had started to soften up!

He had a history of banging his head on the floor at age 1 thru 14 months with tantrums. **(If that doesn’t injure, what does?)** In addition he had tubes placed in his ears at 8 months for continual ear infections and ruptures and still had sinus and ear troubles most of the time. Of four siblings, he is typically out of energy and sick most of the time.

Hearing the history of early ear problems and no known history of being dropped by an older sister when he was a newborn, no sky-diving off changing tables, etc I asked mom about a difficult birth….. It was an extremely fast delivery, scaring the nurses and doctors it was so fast.

I strongly suspect the little man was injured at birth, traumatizing his upper neck, impacting drainage from the ears and sinuses through the neck. Trauma causing restriction causing pressure and resulting in pain.

What an awesome opportunity to have QSM3 at my hands to assess and correct young and old very quickly compared to my outdated NUCCA protocol!

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  1. Annette says
    Dec 14, 2013 at 10:06 AM

    QSM3 is awesome, for babies, children and adults!

  2. says
    Dec 14, 2013 at 11:26 AM

    Why Yes! It is!

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